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The Ridge Wallet 2.0 Review

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Praesent dictum diam

Last fall I contributed to this Kickstarter campaign after having missed out on the original Ridge campaign. I have wanted to replace my aging money clip and always liked the look of the original Ridge so when I saw they were offering a revised version I jumped at the chance.

I opted to go with the black aluminum model that had the new spring loaded money clip. I received mine late January as expected. The product arrived in a black cardboard box with the name emblazoned on top. Inside the wallet was sitting on a foam pad for safe transport.

My very first impression as I took this wallet out of it's box was how hefty the wallet was. I wasn't expecting it to feel quite as heavy. I can't speak to how the titanium or carbon fiber models weigh (I have to imagine they are significantly lighter). At first I was a bit concerned about the weight but after two months of use the weight really isn't an issue and quite frankly is kind of nice, it gives the wallet a presence.

After just a few days of use I realized that I didn't really care for the spring loaded money clip. In theory it would be perfect however the placement of the clip makes using the clip portion nearly impossible for storing actual paper money without the money hanging over the end of the wallet. Given this I reached out to the company, explained that I had been using the new wallet but did not care for the clip. I offered (and expected) to pay to have a new clip sent out but instead was instructed to ship the received wallet back with a note on why and which one I wanted. I received a replacement with the standard clip in about a week. This one works better for me however I will say that the clip is very tight and does not allow for a large wad of money to be carried within it's jaws (not that I typically carry a large wad of money).

Two weeks ago I noticed that one of the screws had fallen out so once more reached out, offered to pay for some replacement screws and once again was pleasantly surprised when they asked for my shipping address so they could ship out a bag of screws with a small screwdriver free of charge. These came in about a week later, repair was pretty simple (although the screws are incredbly tiny so the work is a bit tedious).

If pressed, my only complaint with this wallet is with the raised screws that hold it together. I think in a future version it would be great if they could be recessed or at least flush with the wallet surface. My reasoning for this is that the screws tend to get caught on my jean pocket material rather frequently. Additionally having a flush surface for holding money would be a nice benefit.

While I didn't purchase this wallet specifically for RFID protection, this wallet does indeed protect it's contents from wireless identity theft. In this day and age this is becoming more and more necessary.

Fit and finish on this wallet are top-notch, so far customer service has been impeccable. I highly recommend this wallet to anyone looking for something with some weight to it, capable of growing in size to hold multiple credit cards and a clip that doesn't let go of your money. If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, stop by their website to see about placing an order.

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