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Life change check-in #1

Posted on in Health & Fitness by Kyle Heon

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It has been about three months since I left PixelMEDIA to join Sitecore and I figured, with the 2014 Sitecore Symposium all wrapped up, that it was a perfect time to post about where I'm at with the goals I set back on June 27th.

A quick summary

When I set my goals I was at 220 pounds. My goals were simple, drop 20 pounds (to be at 200) by Symposium and another 20 pounds by Christmas. As it turned out though, when I did my first check-in on Twitter I was at 216.5 pounds which helped me get a jump towards my goals.

Day 1 check-in Tweet

So how did I do you ask?

In a word, fantastic. On the morning I was to fly out to Vegas for Symposium my morning check-in had me at 200.7 pounds. While not exactly 200 (or below) I consider that a win nonetheless. This morning, home after about a week in Vegas my check-in had me at 199.5 only confirming this as a win for my first goal.

Week 11 check-in Tweet

Over the past three months I've significantly changed my diet, having a lot more protein and a lot less carbs. An additional benefit to reducing carbs (for me, as a diabetic) is that I have been able to significantly decrease the amount of insulin I need to take daily.

I've increased activity all around. Instead of my son cutting the grass each week I have been doing this. I've also learned, since acquiring a Fitbit, that this activity alone gets me walking between 2.5-3 miles. We've been going to the fitness club and have even started hitting the weights. Oh, and we were at Disney World for a week and according to the Fitbit weekly report, I walked over 55 miles that week. My feet agreed.

I've also realized other successes. My size 38 pants are swimming on me now. I am pretty certain I would comfortably fit in some size 36 pants now (maybe even a pair of 35's or even better 34's). I need to buy another new belt, the one I just bought a few weeks back is already out of holes to tighten up on.

Next goal?

I now need to lose another 19.5 pounds to get down to the 180 pounds. That is a weight that I felt good at. Sadly though that weight has me in the "overweight" column on every single chart out there. If I was to go by those charts I would need to be around 165 pounds. I personally think I'd look sick at that weight so I don't see myself trying to get to 165, I might consider 170-175.

Back in June I did not set a body fat goal, mostly because that was not my focus. I feel a goal there is beneficial so I've decided, as of today, that 20% is my body fat goal. That might not be possible for me but I'm going to work towards it anyways. Body weight is my number one goal, if I can get there by Christmas I'm going to feel real good about my progress.


I would like to thank my family and friends that have been following my progress and encouraging me to stick with this. I was approached by a few Twitter followers while at Symposium as well who had kind words for me regarding this life change I've embarked on. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated and helps keep me moving forward.

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